Akiko Stehrenberger graduated with distinction from the Art Center College of Design with a BFA in Illustration in 2000. She is a multi-award winning movie poster illustrator and designer, who works with directors, movie studios, advertising and movie advertising agencies.

She was handpicked by directors Roman Polanski, Jonathan Glazer, Charlie McDowell, Joe Swanberg, and celebrated by David Lynch, Michael Haneke and more. Her poster for “Bad Milo” was featured on the Conan show, she was deemed “Poster Girl” by Interview magazine in 2011, Creative Review dedicated their January 2011 Monograph to her illustrated movie posters, and Vanity Fair included her “Funny Games” and “Kiss of the Damned” posters in their “Best Movie Posters of All Time” list.

Her clients include A24, A&E Network, Brothers Marshall, Criterion Collection, FX, IFC Films, Levi’s, Lifetime, Lionsgate, Netflix, The Orchard, Oscilloscope Laboratories, Neon, Prune Nourry Studio, Radius/TWC, Saatchi & Saatchi NY, Sony Pictures, Weiden + Kennedy Amsterdam, Weiden + Kennedy Portland, Willo Perron, and more.

How tall are you? 5’9”.
Do you work on spec? No way, Jose.
Do you do logos? Only if they’re hand done.
Are you a sketch or storyboard artist? No.
Are these real posters? All work is commissioned by movie studios, directors and/or movie poster advertising shops. Some simply make it to the end, some don’t. However, none are fan art nor design exercises.
What is your typical work process for one illustrated poster?
Click here.
How much of the work on your site is your art direction?
I do everything from concept to photo compositing, illustrating, and type layout.
Do you do posters for mainstream films? I work on all types of films, but the non blockbuster movies allow for more creative work.
It’s my first feature film/labor of love project. What can I get for a $1K budget?
A nice referral to someone else.
Will you do a portrait of my dog or baby? Not unless it’s smoking a doobs or high-fiving Garfield.

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